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The Rob Walton arena benefits and the 2000 40-goal Rob Walton Benefit were the inspiration for the formation of the PPSG. The 2002 Outback 40- Goal Rob Walton Challenge at the Royal Palm Polo Club was the kickoff event for the PPSG.

We continue to build on our success!. 2003 yeilding $240,000, 2004 earned $260,000 and 2005 garnered $300,000. The 2006 40 Goal Challenge raised over $285,000, and the 2007 and 2008 Challenges raised over $400,000. The 2009 Challenge raised $275,000, 2010 raised $350,000, 2011 and 2012 raised $340,000, 2013 raised $380,000, 2014 raised $340,000 and in 2015 we raised $325,000!

The Polo Player's Support Group is eternally grateful to the Oxley Family and Royal Palm Polo for providing such a great venue to host the first four Outback 40-Goals at the Royal Palm Polo Club. We are equally grateful and would like to extend a thank you to International Polo Club Palm Beach, home of the Outback, and now Nespresso, 40-Goal Challenge since 2005.

The Nespresso and Outback 40-Goal Challenge games have featured the following Team Sponsors:
Berenberg Bank, Templeton, Total Body Rehab, Bombay Sapphire, Crab Orchard, Michelob Ultra, EFG, Equuleus, Pilot Catastrophe Services and Equus & Co.

Click Here for a list of the teams and scores of each of the Outback Challenge Games since its inception in 2000.

Past Polo Support Group Events have also included:

    John and Tim Greene (Arranmore Polo Club) and Oswego Rotary.

    Outback Founders Roast

    Jimmer Newman Memorial

Thanks to Tim Gannon, Outback Steakhouse offered to provide the food for approved clubs willing to host a benefit for the PPSG.

The 40-Goal Challenge is the marquee event of the fundraising efforts of the Polo Players Support Group, Inc. The 40-Goal Challenge offers a day of polo as it was meant to be - incredible polo on the field and incredible food and festivities off the field.

These events have happened as a result of the generosity of many people including: the 10 goal players who mount themselves and provide their services without compensation, the patrons of these players who allow them to play and loan their horses, the Team Sponsors, Nespresso the 40 Goal Challenge title sponsor and Tim Gannon and Outback Steakhouse, who from the beginning provided a great meal to build each event around.

The PPSG is very grateful to everyone who has contributed to our success to date. Heartfelt thanks go out to all our sponsors, donors, ticket and auction buyers and the volunteers who help make it happen.




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